Vilano Bridge (North West foot of bridge) 2018

Microplastic at foot of Vilano Bridge

I noticed this wrack pile full of microplastics during an exercise walk in December 2017 at the foot of the Vilano bridge.  Probably deposited there during the storms last fall.  It’s a reminder to me how much plastic is in the ocean that the general public doesn’t know about.  These wrack lines full of plastic are in constant movements from the ever changing tides.  It’s slowly getting noticed by many concerned citizens and biologist.  This isn’t just irresponsible littering. This is a result of decades of massive amounts of plastic use.  The plastic at this site has been in the environment for years. It is  broken down to those small pieces by the sun’s uv rays and wave action. It circles around in the North Atlantic Gyre until deposited in a capturing area during high tides and storms.  Click here for additional photos.


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